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I make furniture, mirrors, wall art, counter tops, back splashes, and custom home furnishings using a technique I made up! I start with a wooden form. Then I attach hundreds of layers of tissue paper, gluing each thin, sheer piece down individually (I have a super top-secret glue recipe that I use).

Each design element is hand cut from the tissue paper as well. Every blade of grass, each flower blossom and spiral is cut with scissors to create my original designs.

Every piece is finished with many coats of a glossy resin. The resin reacts with the paper and my special glue to offer a rich, velvety textured color for the eye, and a hard functional glass-like feel for the hand.

The viewer often questions the materials. “Is it glass? Is it metal?” Most assume it must be painted. I love to explain to my audience that I am a horrible painter, but a great “cutter-out-er.” I love how relatively quickly I can achieve color and line by cutting paper.

I am easily inspired by ancient Byzantine and Persian patterns. I love looking at French fabric and iron trellis work. I constantly look at things wondering how to mimic the color with paper layers. I get a real kick out of the notion of taking a truly humble material, paper, and elevating it through my process to become spectacular furnishings.

My work is intended to be used happily and with confidence. Nothing is better than hearing some say, “I use the table you made for me everyday and it always makes me smile.” That’s the best!